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Contacting The Z e g a r e l l i Law Group

Voice Telephone


We now have two locations.  Our customary City of Pittsburgh location, and our South Hills satellite "meet and greet" office.

For faster service, please contact us by email (add ##TEVINQUIRY to the content to help ensure clearance through our filters) or complete the Inquiry form (we can more effectively route your inquiry if it arrives in digital form).  Our main telephone number at our administrative office is 412.833.0600, but email is the preferred mechanism to contact us for a faster response.

Direct Dial Numbers. 

Each attorney and certain staff members at our firm have direct dial telephone numbers. 

Administrative Inquiries (including billing issues).  

Administrative inquiries, including billing issues should be directed to Lisa M. Laurent, Legal Coordinator, 412.833.0600, but email is the preferred mechanism to contact us for a faster response.  As stated in Career Paths, our firm does not accept telephone call regarding available employment positions.  Ms. Davis handles all high-level and certain detail aspects of firm administration and client management.

By Facsimile

Our main facsimile telephone number is at our administrative office.  The number is 412.833.0601.  Faxes received by our firm are managed by a centralized computerized facsimile server and are routed to any particular staff member in any office by administrative human resources.   Facsimiles sent by our firm, as a rule, are transmitted directly from the computer workstation of the staff member sending the facsimile with delivery handled by the centralized facsimile server.  There is generally no administrative intervention in the sending process.  However, if the documentation is not digitized, then an administrative staff member will send the facsimile by physically placing the facsimile in a transmittal machine in a customary manner.  

By E-Mail

Our firm uses the following method for e-mail addresses of staff: firstName.lastName@zegarelli.com.  

Official documents that require docketing are requested to be e-mailed using the following method:  mailroom.firstName.lastname@zegarelli.com.  The preface "mailroom" ensures centralized docketing, but it is encouraged rather than required.

By Post

All incoming mail is taken by our mailroom at our corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, where it is docketed and then disseminated to the intended recipient.  Our address for all unsolicited written communication is PO Box 113345, Pittsburgh, PA 15241, USA, or our administrative office in South Hills, PA at 2585 Washington Avenue, Suite 134, Summerfield Commons Office Park, Pittsburgh, PA  15241-2565.  Because of our all-digital commitment, we do not prefer physical mail to go to our Downtown Pittsburgh office, 429 Forbes Avenue, 7th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA  15219, USA; please send documents to the PO Box or South Hills address.

Please call our main office voice telephone number for directions to any office.

Contact us for more information:

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Upper St. Clair Administrative and Postal Office:
2585 Washington Road, Suite 134
• Summerfield Commons Office Park
Pittsburgh, PA  15241-2565 USA

Pittsburgh Office:
301 Grant Street, Suite 4300 • One Oxford Centre
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1407 USA

Voice: 412.833.0600
Fax: 412.833.0601

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