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Introduction to Our Firm

Since its inception, the primary purpose of our law offices has been to assist commercial enterprises with successfully implementing their strategies for growth. Our attorneys have licenses to practice law and client relations throughout the United States and internationally.

We are proud of our clientele, which consists of other attorneys, engineers, consultants, doctors in various disciplines, self-made entrepreneurs, and just about every other type of person or business entity which is committed to personal and commercial growth. We are pleased that referrals from clients have been our greatest source of new client relationships.

Our Goal

At our firm, we determined to provide you with the very best legal services. To that end, we have defined our four-goal mission:

• Quality. To provide you with the highest quality legal services. To provide legal services by taking advantage of the latest laws and technologies.

• Responsiveness. To be responsive to your needs and deadlines. To be prompt in returning phone calls. To implement your suggestions for improving our service.

• Personability. To be personable, so that you enjoy your relationship with the members of the firm. In a subtle way, to let you know that we appreciate the responsibility with which you have entrusted us, and to let you know we care about solving your legal issues.

• Value. To provide the legal services that you need in a cost-effective manner, and with due consideration for your budget.

Our Services

Our firm conducts a diverse general practice of law in a variety of areas, but concentrates in transaction-oriented legal issues. For example, our firm concentrates in:

• Business representation, including corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, formations, mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, franchising, and employment issues. We have excellent associations with a number of support businesses to assist you, such as accountants, insurance companies and venture capital firms. Our client base can be a networking opportunity itself.

• The avant-garde areas of law, such as computer law, copyright law, media and advertising law, trademark law, trade secrets, and commercial transactions.

• General practice and commercial litigation. Real estate issues, such as closings on the purchase of commercial and residential real estate. Drafting and review of leases. Estate issues, such as drafting wills and the administration of estates.

Our law firm's client list includes start-ups, fast-growing INC. 500 companies and public companies.  Our firm is pleased to have been selected as "special counsel" for other law firms.  And, our firm is even trusted by other law firms as their own general corporate counsel--that is, even other lawyers choose our firm.

If you have a technology or business-related matter, contact us. We are available to assist you. If you already have legal counsel, suggest our services to him or her: we are often called upon to work as special counsel to competently assist general counsel with technology and business-related legal matters.

We will always do our best for you.  Gregg R. Zegarelli, Esq., President



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